Can You Schedule Life?

I am fond of schedules. Time management? Sign me up! This year I have micromanaged my days and my free time. Not every minute of the day mind you but the general gist of the days are scheduled.

I was thinking these past few days that though I’ve started at least six short stories I have only finished one. One! I started that story in November and it took me until January to finish drafting it and actually send it out. Now I don’t know about you but that pace is just a tad bit too slow for me. I’m kinda amazed at how prolific Joyce Carol Oates is and I hope to emulate her one day. Plus I love her writing style. WE WERE THE MULVANEYS I TELL YOU!

So this is the writing schedule I have set up beside the 800 word goal I set for myself so I can finish the book. Write and finish a short story at least every two weeks. The first month has already passed. But hopefully I can get at least 18 stories out right? Is that too crazy? I’ve never backed down from a challenge though and I’m not about to start.


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