Scene 3 finished!

A week passed while I worked on other stuff instead of the first draft of Chloe’s book. I got stuck on where to go with the next scene in chapter 4. Perhaps I was lazy or maybe I needed to work on other things but today I decided to google help of writing scenes and tons of stuff popped up…god I love Google.

Anyway I’ve written 1.2K on the second half. Chloe and Norene’s relationship is getting rocky. They’ve been friends for awhile but they are the type of friends that argue a lot you know what I mean? I intended for her relationship with Jordana and Maura to contrast that.

Now I think I need to work on finishing one of the short stories. I found a literary magazine with a theme that could fit either story that I’m writing but I am sooo freaking lazy I swear to the Almighty.


Finished One Again. And a short.

The fourth draft of One Small Step has been finished. I realized while I was answering questions from a short story book I realized I had after all that my story was sort of disjointed. Jan hadn’t done anything to save her job in the second and third draft yet she was promoted which now that I see it seems really funny. So I reworked it and made her proactive. I’m waiting for someone to look over it. But I think this draft is better. I’m not sure if it’s perfect but it’s better.


I felt like writing some flash fiction. I have been adept at writing 100 words exactly though of course I slip up sometimes and leave out a word or two and it’s confusing. But I really like that format. I’m long-winded when I talk about I have this annoying quirk of being concise when I’m writing which is fine for flash but not so much for longer stuff.

But anyway. Here is the piece I wrote. The prompt was “Candy Apple Red”.

   She wore her lipstick one way and that way was candy apple red.

   Nina had started wearing lipstick when she fourteen. At first it was to impress some boy down the street but after that fizzled out she kept wearing it. Soon it became part of her identity. She simply did not feel like her if it was gone.

    Every morning she would wake up and start her routine. Shower first and then dress. Standing in front of her mirror she would pucker before applying it. She would always smile afterwards. It made the lipstick look even better.


Day Out

Yesterday (It’s after midnight now my time) I went out to an artist’s gathering. I’ve been trying to put myself out there both with my work and myself. And this was perfect.


And it really was. I didn’t get to speak to many people but I realized that the artist community is alive and vibrant here in the city. It gave me a lot of hope and just being there made me feel grown and professional you know.

There’s a contest that’s happening. I’m planning on submitting the short story I’ve been working on and indeed I started rewriting my opening while I was there and on the way home. I’ve never felt so inspired.

There will be a market for the ‘unknowns’ that I’m planning on going to. I’m making a chapbook that I plan to offer and I’m looking for music to accompany me since I want to perform some of them aloud. The genre of music I’m looking at is called dark ambient. I think it fits since the theme of my chapbook is Uncertainty.

Uncertainty keeps recurring for me right now. I’m trying to finish my education and I’m not sure where I’ll end up and I don’t have any idea what my life is going to look like in 5 years time and I’m scared. Excited but really scared. So that’s the focus of the chapbook. I already have six poems written.

First Chapter…Done!

Well I have finally finished the first chapter of the as of yet untitled Ashwood Girls book. See originally the chapter split up when Chloe went off to school. But as I was reading my then second chapter I realized that they really could be condensed into one and so they were. I’ve got about 2,200 words on it.

And I realized today as I got ready to write chapter two that I didn’t have a chapter by chapter outline of the book but I did have a general outline. So now I have chapters 2 and 3 outlined. I’m going to try to outline the next two and perhaps write on the second before I go to bed.

And poetry wise? Well it’s going well. I got really good critiques on my fate poem and I’m reworking it. I’ve also taken Bernadette Meyer’s advice to keep a writing journal which strangely I’ve written more in than my normal paper journal haha. I think it goes without saying that I really like writing.


So let’s see how has my writing been in the past few weeks:

Well for one thing I’ve taken to writing more poetry. I guess it has something to do with the fact that I feel restless and I don’t have energy to write as much as I did previously.

But I have to say I am really enjoying it. I think I’ve written about thirteen poems? Which is lot considering I usually only managed about two or so when I was writing my serials and they were usually focused on my characters. No this poems are much more personal.

I did start writing on another story though but not the original l&d that I started back in July. I’m sort of stalled on that one and I’m not particularly stalled on that one.

But on the above story I’m trying to figure out a name for it. I have it titled Colette in Love in the document but I was thinking of changing the name to Unconditionally which sort of fits with the overall theme that runs through the novel which is unconditional love. What do you guys think?