For the longest time I have been what other authors would call a “panster”.  When I wrote I would literally start out with a vague idea and go from there. It served me well as I wrote prolifically  but perhaps it lends itself to my former inability to write longer pieces. The bulk of my work ranges from the 500 to 1K. But a few months ago I decided to change that.

I was tired of complaining about my inability to write novels. I had ideas for longer stories but I didn’t know how to go about writing them.

I joined a number of writing communities on Livejournal and Dreamwidth. For one a prompt set forth the following: write an outline of a story. So I did. I didn’t think much of it.


But I found myself returning to the document. I started to expand the simple paragraphs into something bigger. Then I jumped into writing. I didn’t have much of a chapter outline. I’m not completely ready to give up the pantsing. But so far I’ve gotten way past my other pieces of writing. It’s about 12K at the moment.


I don’t know changed in the past week but I’ve been seeking more information on plotting. I’ve tried several things and I’m still finding my groove but I have to say I quite like the whole having a plan thing.


I’m constantly learning something new about writing. I think that’s why I love it so much. It continues to enthrall me.