I’m making progress on my ~novella~. I’m practicing writing longer stories and so far I have almost 6k on this so I’m proud of myself for sticking with it. The plot has expanded a bit from what I originally wrote in the initial outline though but I’m really excited to write this story!


The 25 Best Websites for Literature Lovers

Good websites.


It’s an interesting relationship that book lovers have with the Internet: most would rather read a physical book than something on an iPad or Kindle, and even though an Amazon purchase is just two or three clicks away, dedicated readers would rather take a trip to their local indie bookstore. Yet the literary world occupies a decent-sized space on the web. Readers, writers, publishers, editors, and everybody in between are tweeting, Tumbling, blogging, and probably even Vine-ing about their favorite books. In case the demise of Google Reader threw your literary Internet browsing into a dark void, here’s a list of 25 book sites to bookmark. 

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So I started a new project. The idea literally came out of nowhere, but a first line popped into my head so I figured the muse or whatever was trying to tell me something!

This particular project will be an epic poem. Before I seriously started to write prose, I focused a lot more on poetry. In fact in the period in my life when I was hospitalized most of my creative output was in the form of poetry.

I’ve been trying out new forms and generally just learning. There’s something about poetry that calls to me. Perhaps it’s because it’s generally short and I have a notoriously short attention span. XD