Monthly Count

My word count for this month is about 10K I think? I’m not completely sure but it’s somewhere around that.

Around this time last year I was writing about 20K a month. I’ve slowed down a bit, but hey at least I’m still writing right? <—that was a pun

I’ve been writing non fiction in the form of shorter to longer pieces about moments in my life. I’m telling myself that it’ll be for a future memoir or something. But I think it’s therapeutic more than anyway. I started writing more about feelings when I was in the hospital because we had to journal three times a day haha. But I really like it and it gives me a way to release everything without raging. I definitely recommend it.

So that’s how things are doing in writing land. What about you guys? How is your writing going?


Three Days in Counting!

Alright you guys. Today makes the third day that I had written 1k! You don’t know how excited I am. I have fell off my regular writing schedule in a major way…thanks Sims 3. But I think I’m getting back in the groove!

And I’m fleshing out more characters for TMC! I also need to work on my other stories, but I’ll take what I can get haha. What about you guys? How’s your writing going?

Yay Me!

Today I reached my original goal of writing 1K. Last night I was reading over some of my previous stories and I started to fall in love with my characters once again. So I guess today I was particularly inspired.

I’m going to try to write at least 350-500 words tomorrow. My mood has been rather spiky lately and I’m having the cramps from hell. But I shall prevail! I shall!