Ten Years Later

In 2012, I wrote about 175,000 words. I don’t think I’ve ever written that much before then. 2012 was the year I started to taking my writing seriously.

Most of this word count came from my verse, The Mondian Chronicles. This particular verse started in earnest in 2011, but I had had the idea since I was at least twelve or so.

For the longest time I didn’t know what genre TMC fit into. It wasn’t really alternate history as it didn’t deviate from any known history. No, TMC is heavily inspired by real history, but the people themselves are entirely fictional as is their world.

One of my friends mentioned it was fantasy since the world was made up. I was hesitant to call it that because honestly this world REALLY doesn’t have many fantasy elements¬† aside from a few appearances from dead characters that could be taken as hallucinations or dreams.

But this year I figured out what it would be: mannerpunk or fantasy of manners. I was so ecstatic to learn that there was a label for my story.

BUT anyway, I wanted to post a piece from the series here. I don’t write this or any of my other serials in order though. But this piece takes place after the main action of the 1120s when Henri, Marguerite’s father,¬† did away with her mother leaving her and her older sister without their much loved Maman. Marguerite is around 20 in this, having been born in 1121.

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What should I title you?

Hey guys! I was looking over some notes for my TRW verse. A little background, it’s an alternate history where Princess Charlotte of Wales (cousin to Queen Victoria and original heir to the British throne) didn’t die and lived to become queen. I’m kind of mixing genres potentially with this series. It’s kinda gaslamp fantasy/steampunkish if that makes any earthly sense haha. It’ll be likely a mash up of the Regency and Victorian eras.

Anyway I just wrote the second piece in the series. I don’t have a title for it and I haven’t posted it anywhere else because it doesn’t really fit with the guidelines of my usual place. So I thought I’d put it here. I’d love to here what you think of it

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On Races and Species

I was just thinking about fantasy fiction. I’ve been reading it for a long time and I love the genre to death.

But something that I’ve been finding myself somewhat of a problem with is, I guess you could say, taxonomy?

When authors, readers, publishers, and the like refer to the different types of groups of creatures, more than likely I’ve found, they describe them as different races.

I have a bit of a problem with that.

I see vampires, werewolves, fairies, and other non humans as a species. They have similar origins and similar abilities right?

While with races, I see that as a different type of the same species. Like you can have a vampire that’s from another country than where the story is set. I have a vampire named Euphie living in Indiana, but her roots are Scottish.

Does that make any sense? I just see the two classifications as two different things. I’ve just been thinking about that lately and I thought I’d post about it here.


Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about writing and books in general. It’s a constant in my life that no matter what other hobbies I may acquire, I always come back to those two.

For the last thirty minutes, I’ve been thinking about my novel, Song of Delilah. I had a hazy idea of what I wanted the novel to be about, it grew from something I had heard years ago. But only now I am actually starting to vaguely piece together ideas to make a coherent whole.

I’ve been looking up some medical issues that will occur in the main story. My original idea seemed really far fetched, so I scrapped that, but in searching for a suitable illness for my main character it brought me back to myself.

I’m not going to go into detail, but I will say that my own issue may very well come into handy while writing this book. I can foresee my heroine, Delilah, having the same thoughts I’m having at the moment.

This concludes my major developments in writing. Thank you and good night.


I’m usually not this bad at updating my blogs. I swear I’m not but if you’ve ever played a Sims game, then you know how it goes.

Then there was the health problems I’m still dealing with. Things are getting resolved, but things have gotten a bit more hectic in the past few weeks.

But I’m proud to say that I think I’m getting back into my writing mode. I’m starting smaller than I usually set my goal at, but hey anything is better than nothing right?

And I have an idea for a ~novel~. I have another novel tentatively titled Song of Delilah that has been on the back burner. I guess you could say I’m still working on researching it and it has a lot of kinks. Not to mention I haven’t actually written an actual word for it yet.

But still things are coming along. I’m trying to make some changes in my life. I’m trying to be more focused, I guess you say. So like my writing, my life is a work in progress as well.

That’s all for now. I’m not going to make any promises, but I think I might be back a little sooner this time.