New Year, Same Goals

Wow it has certainly been awhile since I last posted here, hasn’t it?

The year came to end and my word count for it (At least from May 2012) was around 175, 000 words. That wasn’t too bad. For 2013, I signed up for two word tracking programs, but of course I forgot to follow the directions of one of them, so I don’t have access to the group and I don’t want to look like a fool and oh well.

I haven’t started too many projects haha. I did write a sort of apocalyptic one shot for a community that I’m apart of, that may get turned into a book/series or whatever. But since I’ve posted here I have had ideas for a few more things and I’ve done a few notes.

My word count so far for this year is at: 18,204. So things are going pretty well. Now I just need to get my personal life under control, but that’s better said than done right?

Until next time!