New Projects, Old Projects…Projects in General

Since I’ve updated this blog along with my writing blog on WordPress, I’ve had more ideas. Generally my ideas revolve around a thought I have and then I go from there by creating characters and their settings.

This new idea have been brought on by watching the E4 drama, Skins. It’s funnyt I actually started watching the first episode on the Hulu website, but after the first ten minutes or so I got bored and shut it off.

But I’ve subscribed to Netflix and what does it happen to suggest to me? Skins, so I sat my ass down and watched the first episode in it’s entirety. Then I watched the second episode.

24 episodes later and I’m now on Series 3 with a whole new generation. I’ve simply become addicted to this damn show haha.

I was noticing as an American that went to an American high school how different some things seem in England. The experiences are the same, but I can’t deny that certain things are done differently. This really got me interested in doing a young adult story set in England.

Then I went back to my days of watching Degrassi. I can’t say what I was thinking about the differences then between American high schools and Canadian high schools, but all I knew was that I enjoyed the show and still do though unlike Skins now that my favorites have left, I don’t much watch the show.



And you know I love France and I was looking up education in France and I thought…you should set a series in a French college! (Americans they call their high school college like England.)


But to toss things up a bit I’ve been thinking of doing the series in the preceding decades. The English story will take place in the 2000s. The Canadian in the 1990s and the French in the 1980s. I’ve been wanting to do series in each of the decades in the 20th century anyway and this just fell into my lap, so what better way?

I am working on one more thing. Most of my writing is for web fiction and while I love it, I would like to be able to publish a novel one day. The problem? I suck ass at writing novels. My last attempt lasted 14 pages and then I forgot about it. Plus I really wasn’t feeling it. But this story I really want to look at. If need be, I’ll have to piece the stories together to make one coherent whole. I tend to not to write in a linear format, but I’m going to try with this project.

And that is all that’s been going on with me besides shopping. Until next time!